Filipina American Abused and Assaulted By Racist Couple in Los Angeles

Filipina American Abused and Assaulted By Racist Couple in Los Angeles

November 9, 2017
Filipina American Quiggle Ignacio was eating inside her parked car at Eagle Rock Plaza in Los Angeles on Tuesday when she was reportedly harassed by a racist woman and her male companion.
On Wednesday, the registered nurse/model took to social media to narrate how the female stranger initiated a verbal dispute that soon turned violent.
“I was sitting quietly in my car around 2:20 p.m., eating my meal and hurrying up excited to meet my friend. Then a lady pushing a grocery cart that has her baby in it hit my car so I looked at her and I didn’t want to go down because I thought I just wanted to finish my meal and I had it in my hands.”
While she initially decided to ignore the tap, she eventually reacted after the woman began yelling racial slurs at her.
“I didn’t even get down to check damage I was just seeing if she would say anything I need to hear but she passed my car and started yelling ‘what are you looking at bitch? Fuck you chinky Asian!'”
She then got out of her vehicle and confronted the woman and a man with her.
“’Why are you yelling at me, I should be the one yelling at you because you hit my car,’” she recalled telling them.
The couple then started spouting more racist remarks calling Ignacio “stupid,” and telling her to “go back to your country.”
Ignacio decided to begin recording the scene using her mobile phone to try and get the woman’s license plate number. In the footage, she can be heard asking the woman why she was yelling at her while the woman stormed into her.
The woman then proceeded to hit her multiple times on her face and head until the man eventually intervened.
“For a woman bigger than I am and a man yelling at me triple my size was traumatic especially when she started hitting me. I had to defend myself but the emotional and psychological damage is harder to heal,” Ignacio lamented.
“I’m a good person and a hard worker, follow the law and take care of my patients like my own. There’s no race or color that would change my service to them. I take care of them just like how I would take care of my family. I planned a good day and prior to that, I was looking for an electric wheelchair for my grandfather as a gift. What did I do to get hit in the face? I didn’t do anything wrong or bad to them. I was the victim but then I got hurt and I got discriminated. Now my head hurts and I feel nauseated. At this point, I really pray that people stop being racist and stop hurting other people. It’s not okay to ruin someone else’s day.”
According to KTLA, Ignacio was unable to capture the couple’s license plates. She has already filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department to have the incident investigated.
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