Canadian Students Under Fire After Shockingly Racist Party Photos Go Viral

Extremely racist photos of an off-campus student party in Canada have recently emerged online, sparking outrage from other students and an investigation by the involved students’ school.  In the images, Caucasian students of Queen’s University are shown partying while dressed as Viet Cong fighters, Buddhist monks, Middle Eastern sheikhs, and Mexican wrestlers.
The event, which allegedly took place on Saturday in Kingston, Ontario, is now being investigated by Queen’s University, CBC News reported.
“We do have a student code of conduct which was revised last year,” said Queen’s University principal and vice chancellor Daniel Woolf . “Once we’ve concluded our investigation, if appropriate, there are actions that can be taken under the code.”
In the Queen’s code of conduct, students are “expected to adhere to and promote the university’s core values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect and personal responsibility in all aspects of university life, academic and non-academic.”
In a statement released on Tuesday, the Alma Mater Society said the attendees of the said party wore “inappropriate costumes” at the event within the university district, which is the school’s residential area surrounding the campus.

Carolyn Thompson, the society’s vice-president expressed displeasure over the incident, saying: “These events undermine Queen’s ability to provide a welcoming and respectful campus environment.”
“We need to have an open and productive dialogue about race and racism on campus,” she added.
Toronto-based comedian Celeste Yim discovered the photos of the event via a student’s Facebook page who has made it accessible by “friends of friends.”

Yim reposted the images on Twitter, calling the gathering “shockingly racist.”

“The costumes are indisputably and unequivocally offensive, tasteless, and should not be tolerated. Context and intentions have no bearing,” Yim tweeted.
The university itself issued their own statement condemning the acts, saying that even if the event did not occur on campus grounds, it’s “taking the matter very seriously, and [continues] to look into it.”

“If we determine that this was a Queen’s sponsored or sanctioned event, we will take appropriate action,” according to the statement.
In the interviews conducted by CBC news, students at Queen’s University also viewed the images from the party as inappropriate.
“It’s definitely a joke in poor taste. And it’s not right in present society,” a student named Sutheeksan Sunthoran was quoted as saying.
“I think we can do better. We should do better — not just as members of Queen’s, but as Canadians, generally.”
For student Hisham Imtiaz, the costumes were “extremely inappropriate.”
“It doesn’t represent the university as a whole, but it definitely represents a small part of the uneducated group who just says it’s all in good fun — when it really isn’t,” he said.
Another student, John Siferd believes such cases may be more common and exist also on other Canadian universities.
“Other campuses probably have similar issues relating to race on their campuses. And they should be addressed,” he pointed out.
Netizens expressed their outrage online by condemning the acts of the partygoers:
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