Asian Man Wears a ROMPER to Pick Up Women in NYC

Asian Man Wears a ROMPER to Pick Up Women in NYC
Khier Casino
By Khier Casino
June 6, 2017
YouTube and Instagram star QPark is back it again with the male romper, but this time he’s rocking it while trying to pick up girls on the streets of New York City.
After his last video “Walking 10 hours in NYC Wearing a Romper” went viral, QPark received several comments from guys who said they would never wear a romper, and that no girl would ever find them attractive if they did put one on.
So he decided to hit the streets once again with his buddy C-Lo while donning sexy rompers to prove that getting someone’s number is all about self-confidence rather than the clothes they wear.
From tourists taking a stroll in Times Square to jogging in the park, some ladies were down with the romper. Some said they liked it while others didn’t even notice QPark was wearing one.
Maybe they were too busy staring at that gorgeous backside?
Check it out for yourself:
Others were not too impressed, with one young woman telling C-Lo that he was “very…peculiar”.
Whether it’s talking to a group of girls on their way to sing at a recital in Carnegie Hall or showing off his ramen expertise to two friends going to Nippori in Midtown, QPark’s romper game is on point.
He even gets a fist bump of “moral support” from another guy walking by as the girl QPark was chatting up told him that she moved to New York for theater.
But the most important lesson to take away from this video is how to carry yourself with confidence.
A romper should be able to be worn by anyone. And it’s awesome because you don’t have to come up with a shirt or pants, you can just wear a romper. So I don’t see why men should not be allowed to do that,” one of the girls QPark spoke with explained at the end of the video.
The video concludes with one last message: “Find you confidence! 🙂 and don’t be creepy. (The romper is optional)”.
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