Fifty-Year-Old Woman Becomes ‘China’s Hottest Grandmother’ in Stunning Photoshoot

For some incredibly fortunate and beautiful women like 50-year-old models
Now, the internet has a new ageless crush — 50-year-old grandmother Qin Ling.
Qin, who has two daughters and a granddaughter, claims she maintains her beauty by sleeping naked once a week, taking hot baths, patting her face and using homemade face masks, according to Shanghaiist.
Last year, Qin’s daughters held a photo shoot for her birthday where she posed with her granddaughter and posted the photos online to show off her beauty.
Qin, a divorced single mother, revealed that she never had much money to spend on herself so she relied on inexpensive beauty products she could make herself like a special face mask made of cucumber, yogurt, honey and ground pearls.
Qin also reportedly revealed that she’s had many suitors, some more than 20 years younger than her, but she has turned them all down as she seeks for someone to spend the rest of her life with.
While many still might prefer hot young models, we can all agree that nothing beats the women who age better than fine wine.
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