Chinese Company Behind Racist Laundry Ad Says the Rest of the World is ‘Too Sensitive’

Chinese Company Behind Racist Laundry Ad Says the Rest of the World is ‘Too Sensitive’
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May 27, 2016
Qiaobi, the company behind yesterday’s
The laundry ad, which depicts a Chinese woman and a paint-covered black man shows the woman putting a laundry detergent pod in his mouth and shoving the man in a laundry machine only to come out a “cleaner” Asian man.

This is a REAL commercial that just aired all over China. Thoughts?

Posted by Nextshark on Thursday, May 26, 2016

A spokesperson for the Shanghai-based Leishang cosmetics company, which produces the Qiaobi-brand detergent, spoke over the phone to the state-run Global Times. The spokesperson, identified by the name Wang, revealed that the commercial was filmed in early 2015 and was never meant to be racist:
“We meant nothing but to promote the product, and we had never thought about the issue of racism. The foreign media might be too sensitive about the ad.
“Instead of using the full version of the commercial, we actually aired a 5-second version which does not have the black character. We have no idea why the full version went viral online.”
Wang refused to reveal any details on the cost and production of the commercial during the interview. His comment that only a cut version of the commercial had aired to the public also contradicted earlier Weibo reports that the full version had aired both on television and during previews in Wanda Cinemas in early May.
According to the Shanghaiist, the Chinese commercial is also a blatant ripoff of a series of Italian laundry commercials that featured similar racist themes that aired almost a decade ago
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