Chinese Man Has Spent the Last 50 Years Looking After His Son With Polio

Qian Guanhua, 80, of Zhejiang Province has taken care of his son, Qian Yougen, who has suffered from polio for the past 50 years, melting the hearts of thousands.
Yougen, who lives in Changqin Village, Yuxin Town, with his family, was diagnosed with the infectious disease one week after he was born following a high fever, reported Shanghaiist.
His father, Qian, did whatever he could to save his son’s life. Since then, Yougen has relied on his father, who said abandoning his boy or giving duties as a parent and caretaker to another person has never crossed his mind.
Qian has had his fair share of hardships as well. He severed three fingers after he injured his left hand while working on the farm, and  lost his right eye in a different farming accident. As he got older, it has become very difficult to see clearly as his left eye has developed cataracts.
Qian’s wife also has high blood pressure and suffers from heart disease, so he spends most of his time caring for their son everyday.
Yougen recently underwent surgery for a fractured jaw, and remained in the hospital for over a month. During that time, Qian bought his son a recorder, played him songs and told stories, moving the doctors assigned to Yougen to tears.
Yougen was released from the hospital and headed back home in November, and Qian had to carry him into a taxi.
I don’t see him as a burden to our family. He’s part of our family and he just depends on our help,” Yougen’s sister was quoted as saying. “But I believe that if he were a healthy person, then he would also help us if we were sick.
Qian doesn’t see him as a burden either. When villagers suggested he take Yougen to a nursing home, Qian refused, saying “If you don’t take care of your own son, who else would help you do it?
Yougen stays home while his family is out working at the farm, and when they come back, he greets them and tells them which villagers stopped by to visit.
The amazing bond between father and son has touched the hearts of Chinese netizens.
I’m moved to tears. As long as he has life, everything will be fine. It is worthwhile to help him and the father is a much better person than those who abandon their own kids,” user @豆芽君 wrote.
Another said: “He’s such a good old man. May god bless him and let him live another 80 years!
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