Massive Python Decides to Take a Nap in Front of Beer Fridge at 7-Eleven in Thailand

Pictures and footage circulating on Thailand social media show an incredibly long, 4-foot python chilling in front of a beer cooler at a 7-Eleven branch in Chonburi Province.

The pictures were shared by the Sawangpreteep rescue volunteers on their official Facebook page after responding to a call by the management to contain the large reptile.

The brave volunteers captured the reptile and put the animal into a fertilizer bag before eventually releasing it back into its natural habitat.

A video of the intense capture has also been shared on the group’s Facebook page.

According to the group, it took them five minutes to capture the huge reptile and put it inside the bag, as translated by Coconuts Bangkok.

It’s still unclear how the python got inside the 7-Eleven branch, but employees think that it somehow managed to slither inside the store through the front door in an attempt to escape the flood outside.

This isn’t the first animal to take shelter inside a 7-Eleven. Many animals — including dogs, cats, a goat, and a mule — have taken refuge inside the store for its air conditioning.

Images via Facebook / Sawangprateep Rescuers

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