Florida man charged after pointing a gun, yelling anti-Asian slurs at neighbors over garbage dispute

A man accused of yelling anti-Asian slurs while threatening to kill his neighbors over a garbage dispute in Hawthorne, Fla., has been arrested and charged with assault.

What happened: Cody McClure, 19, allegedly went to his neighbors’ residence on Sunday after seeing trash dumped in his yard on 119 Twin Lakes Rd. A dispute broke out and led to the suspect pointing a gun at two people, according to the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO).

  • McClure allegedly called one of his neighbors — who is Asian — racial slurs before pointing his revolver at them, Shore News Network reported.
  • After the incident, the teenager drove back to his home, where neighbors heard gunshots coming from later, according to First Coast News.
Image via Putnam County Sheriff’s Office

The aftermath: McClure was arrested and taken to Putnam County Jail on the same day. Police found ammunition but no firearms in his home, CBS4 News reported.

  • McClure was charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, despite him saying that he would “kill” his neighbors during the incident, as per the police.
  • Due to his use of racial slurs, McClure’s charges could be enhanced to aggravated assault with a deadly weapon during sentencing.

McClure is the son of a former clerk of court and county commissioner candidate, according to Palatka Daily News.

Featured Image via First Coast News

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