Time to geek out over Purple Kiss’ new comeback ‘Nerdy’

Time to geek out over Purple Kiss’ new comeback ‘Nerdy’Time to geek out over Purple Kiss’ new comeback ‘Nerdy’
On Monday, RBW Entertainment’s septet girl group Purple Kiss released their fourth EP “Geeklyland,” led by the aptly named title track music video “Nerdy.”
“Geekyland” comes packed with five other songs: “Intro: Bye Bye Bully,” which the group performed in a preview last week, “FireFlower,” “Can’t Stop Dreamin,” “Love Is Dead” and “Summer Rain.” Yuki, the group’s rapper, wrote the tracks “FireFlower” and “Love is Dead,” while “Summer Rain” was co-composed and co-written by labelmate Ravn of the K-pop boy group Oneus.    
In a recent interview with The Korea Herald, the members shared their thoughts about their comeback and its concept.
“Our previous album talked about witches, and the same concept is on ‘Geekyland.’ The album is also brimming with more musical diversity, and we hope our fans enjoy it. We all tried our best to show our full talent,” Goeun, the group’s main vocalist, said. 
Purple Kiss are the younger sister group of RBW’s quartet Mamamoo. They officially debuted in March 2021 with members Yuki, Dosie, Ireh, Chaein, Swan, Na Goeun and Park Jieun. Their EP “Into Violet” was led by the song “Ponzona,” which members Goeun, Swan and Yuki helped write and produce. Prior to that, they dropped two pre-release songs: “My Heart Skip a Beat” in November 2020 and “Can We Talk Again” three months later. 
Their third EP “MemeM” and the music video of the same name were released only four months ago, and they encapsulate witchy, supernatural elements that have become a staple for the group. Every track of the EP aside from the intro was either co-written or co-composed by at least one member of the group. 
Chaein shared that their new track “Nerdy” is a blend of what the group does best: “Our sound has always been either bright or dark, but ‘Nerdy’ is a combination of those two.”
“When I first heard the demo version,” Swan added, “I knew it would work well for us because it‘s the type of music people might not have heard before. It’s unique. We‘ve also added some of our eye-catching moves to our performance.”
The message behind the new EP involves self-acceptance, a subject the group finds meaningful, with Swan explaining, “Our definition of ‘geek’ is not something weird, but it‘s just a person who is different from others. And when these people come together, that’s when they can make a difference.” 
“The geeks we‘re referring to are people who are alienated. It’s about those who don‘t have the courage to open up about themselves,” Goeun added.
“The message is ’don‘t be afraid to take the initiative, and be yourself,’ Chaein said. “Hopefully, those who feel left out will be able to gain courage from our music, be confident and love themselves.”
Meanwhile, Mamamoo revealed last month that they are aiming to have a new album and concert ready in the second half of this year to commemorate their eighth anniversary since their debut. Mamamoo soloist Hwasa also released the collaboration single “Somebody!” with Loco Monday.
Featured Image via RBW Entertainment 
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