Mysterious Asian Entrepreneur Will Pay You $500,000 For Your Perfect Sperm or Eggs

Donating your sperm or eggs for cash is not a new concept.
Purenetics LLC is a Delaware-based company that aims to find top quality sperm and eggs for high-net worth individuals. Donors have to register on site and will be featured in a database clients can look over. If chosen, the donor will make $500,000 (fine print: there’s a $5.99 registration fee).
“Purenetics, LLC is a global agency focused on providing the opportunity for select individuals and couples to receive eggs and sperm from the highest quality donors throughout the world. Purenetics has one of the largest and fastest growing databases of potential donors in the industry.” the website reads.
If someone is selected as a potential match, they’ll go through a verification process that analyzes their education history, medical records, background check, and DNA analysis. Once everything checks out, Purenetics will act as the middle man to help close the deal between the buyer and the donor.
When NextShark reached out via email, the owner replied, but was extremely secretive of his identity. All he told us was that he’s a successful entrepreneur of Asian descent who graduated from Harvard Business school and found his fortune through finance.
“What we do is no different than a matchmaker focusing on upscale clients,” he told NextShark. “Even the average person has a criteria list when choosing someone to date. Is she attractive? Is he tall? Is she athletic? Is he successful?”
While the whole site itself may seem “elitist” at first glance, the owner stresses that he’s not only looking for “perfect” people.
“There are Chinese billionaires who want to only look for Chinese donors,” he said. “There are American couples with red hair and freckles who want their friends to think that their child is biologically theirs so they want a child with red hair and freckles.”
“Fundamentally we do focus on people who are better than average in terms of intelligence and physique, but after you surpass the ‘average’ mark, there are several factors that come into play. Registering is like buying a lottery ticket. You never know,” he added.
When questioned whether his company is actually real and not something he’s trying to troll the internet with, the founder stressed that he did this because saw a business opportunity to capitalize on.
“There is a trade organization called the American Society of Reproductive Medicine – the ASRM – that ended up publishing an opinion that they felt it was unethical to provide more than $10,000 for eggs. They have no legal or medical authority. They are just a trade organization but it is important for most companies to be associated with the ASRM. Purenetics along with several organizations and educational institutions believe that their opinion is a bunch of crap.
“We think of it from the perspective of the donor. If a wealthy couple is willing to pay $500,000 for selective eggs or sperm, who is the ASRM to deny that to the donor? So you’re telling me it’s unethical for the donor to receive $12,000 for her eggs but it’s okay if she only gets $10,000? It seems a bit arbitrary. Many of the donors come from underprivileged backgrounds. Many of the donors are students trying to survive and contribute back to their communities.”
While Purenetics takes a 50% cut from the deal, they’ve also pledged to donate 20% of their profits to charities helping the underprivileged as part of their mission.
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