Adorable Puppy Destroys Human in Speed Typing Contest

A video of a pet dog showing off its lightning-fast typing speed is currently winning hearts on the internet.

In the clip posted by @kawanimal_movie, the cute pooch can be seen breaking records of human typing skills while playing with a Korean woman, who would have clearly lost if it was a contest.

Well, it makes sense — the pair was using a toy keyboard with just five letters spelling out the word “bacon”.

Japanese netizens, who seem to have seen the clip first, had hilarious reactions (via RocketNews24):

“I think the dog won that battle!”
“It looks like the dog is trying to dig a hole into the keyboard.”
“The dog was all like ‘What?’ at first, but then took right off!”
“That is one hard worker.”
“Man, I can’t even type without looking at the keyboard.”

Perhaps all of us can take cue and start improving our typing skills with dogs, then! That’s another thing to do aside from attending their epic weddings.

Check out the video below!

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