Japanese Invention Will Alert You When Someone Is Stealing Your Snacks

pudding alert

A Japanese company has invented a new system that prevents thieves from stealing your pudding.

The system, called Pudding Alert 2.1, is developed by Japanese innovation technology group aNo Ken as a part-time side project, according to TV Asahi News via SoraNews24.


This anti-pudding theft system comes with a pressure-sensitive plate and a small monitor. There is also a speaker in the device that blasts an alert when someone takes the pudding from the plate.

The Pudding Alert 2.1 will repeatedly announce “The pudding has be stolen!” (Purin ga torareta) and “Return the pudding!” (Purin kaeshite ne) until the culprit returns the pudding. After its return, the anti-theft system will notify anyone in earshot: “The pudding has returned” (Purin ga kaette kita).

The company also installed a security measure in the Pudding Alert 2.1 that automatically detects the weight of anything that’s placed on top of the plate.

As seen in the clip below, the device knows exactly if someone replaces the pudding with a different object by determining the weight alone.


As an added security measure, the camera in the device will take pictures of the person who removes the pudding and sends the images to the owner. The camera also activates whenever someone moves the device thanks to its built-in accelerometer.

The Pudding Alert 2.1, which as been in development for two years, is not available for commercial use. However, lead designer, Nemoto, said that they might make it available for the public if enough interest is shown.

Feature Image Screenshot via YouTube / aNo研

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