PSY’s Secret Message UNCOVERED in His Music After All These Years

PSY’s Secret Message UNCOVERED in His Music After All These Years
Heather Johnson Yu
August 7, 2017
Psy, Psy, Psy…thought you could fool us, didn’t you?
Thought you were sneaky, didn’t you?
via Instagram / 42psy42
Well, we cracked your secret message behind your songs.
Y’all ready for this???
Okay, so.
Psy has been performing for almost two decades now, but his fame hit critical mass once he released his uber-catchy song and video, “Gangnam Style”.
But the secret message begins before that with his song and video titled “Right Now”.
The video depicts Psy getting off work and being stuck in traffic to spontaneously having an impromptu dance party.
Next, we have the infamous “Gangnam Style”, which everyone on the planet is aware of.
The video features Psy showing off his Gangnam swag, a city often likened to Beverly Hills.
His next song and video, “Gentleman”, tried to recapture the run-away success of the 2012 hit.
The music video shows Psy being a “mother father gentleman” to the lovely ladies he encounters in his life.
For his next hit, Psy teams up with Snoop Dogg/Lion for “Hangover”.
Psy and Snoop’s drunken night of debauchery never, ever ends – just like this beat.
After that, Psy drops “Daddy” with CL, the one and only baddest female.
The song features three generations of… well, Psy. Because why not?
So… what’s the secret message?
We have a theory — if you line up the song title/video in chronological order, it goes as follows:
“Right Now” / “Gangnam Style” / “Gentleman” / “Hangover” / “Daddy”
And that, by aligning them in this way, Psy is sloooooowly, over the course of several years, depicting one of the most epic night ever.
Follow? We’ll explain.
“Right Now” seems to be about Psy getting off work on a Friday night. The party’s so lit that it starts on the commute home.
“Gangnam Style” could be interpreted as Psy getting ready to hit the clubs — where others have swag, he has Gangnam Style.
“Gentleman” likely depicts Psy hitting up all the single ladies in the club, finding the fairest of them all and taking her somewhere “a bit more private”.
“Hangover” is definitely about the morning after — Psy drank ’til he dropped and smoked like a broke stove aaaaaaaaaaaaallllllll night long.
“Daddy” could certainly signify the aftermath of the epic bender — 9 months later, that is!
So where do his two newest videos, “I Luv It” and “New Face” fit in?
We think the saga continues — “I Luv It” could be talking about his life as a father and how much he loves his new life (even though the video/song doesn’t refer to this AT ALL). “New Face” could mean that he’s tired of raising his child as a single father (the baby mama from Gentleman must not have worked out) and that he’s looking for someone new.
“Hold on,” you may interject, “none of the lyrics even allude to this. What is all this nonsense?”
To which we’d respond that… well, duh, that’s how secret codes work! Psy just wanted to tell us about this absolutely epic bender he had but couldn’t come out and say it for whatever reason. An investigation has been launched to find said reason.
“But wait!” you might say, “what about that one video in between ‘Hangover’ and ‘Daddy’, ‘Napal Baji’?”
To which…we’d respond…uhh…
So what do you think? Illuminati confirmed or should we just admit ourselves now? Let us know!
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