Property Developer Throws Massive Party For Displaced Villagers Before Moving into Their New Apartments

A property development group in China hosted a giant banquet on Sunday to celebrate the completion of a project that gave former residents of a demolished village new apartments.

The feast, prepared by 600 staff members, was set up with 1,500 tables to feed 15,000 villagers, reported South China Morning Post. The event also featured dancing, magic shows and an opera.

The tables were set up on the former location of a small village in Guangzhou which was demolished in 2010 by the district government.

The huge population in the village and its surrounding areas has caused the crime rate to rise, prompting the government to decide to replace it with modern apartments.

A compensation deal was reportedly struck that gave former villagers apartments in the newly-constructed buildings.

The banquet marked the relocation of the villagers into their new high-rise apartments which costs around 10 million yuan ($1.5 million) per unit. The cost of the giant celebration, amounting to several million yuan, was shouldered by the village authority and the property developer.

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