People in China Can Earn $28,000 a Year as ‘Professional Mourners’ at Funerals

professional mourner

A woman from Henan province makes around 200,000 yuan (over $28,000) a year just by crying at strangers’ funerals, which is reportedly considered an ancient tradition in China.

The woman, whose name was not revealed, told Pear Video that she works as a professional mourner, according to the Shanghaiist.

She attends funerals of people she does not know and weeps for them to give the departed one a proper sendoff into the afterlife.


The unnamed woman, who has worked as a paid mourner for more than 20 years, earns around 300 yuan ($42) for 30 minutes of mourning.

She was able to build a house for her family and send her eldest son to a university using the money she earned from her career.

Feature Image Screenshot via AFP News Agency

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