An NBA Star’s Story of Prince Remodeling His House Without Telling Him Shows How Epic He Was

An NBA Star’s Story of Prince Remodeling His House Without Telling Him Shows How Epic He Was
Editorial Staff
April 21, 2016
Not only was Prince a talented music artist, he was also simply cool as hell. He once needed a house in Beverly Hills so he rented the house of NBA Star Carlos Boozer.
From there, he spent probably millions in redesigning the place to his liking without Boozer’s knowledge. Jay Williams, Boozer’s former teammate at Duke University, recounted the story to ESPN.
“Booz told me how he had this massive house … blue fountain waves kind of came down streaming water that led to the front door and all this great stuff,” Williams said on “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on ESPN 1000. “And I remember him calling me, ‘Dude, you will never guess, I rode past my house like three times, I had no idea it was my house.’
“Supposedly, Prince changed the front gate to the Prince sign, he changed the master bedroom to a hair salon, he changed the streaming blue waters that led to the front door to purple water, he knocked out walls, he changed the molding on top of the ceiling. Booz was livid. So pissed off, so angry … He put his Purple Rain stamp on it … Booz was like, ‘I was getting ready to go over there and beat this little man down.’ And dude was just like ‘Here, Boozer, here is a little check for about a million, it’ll take care of everything, get it back the way you want it.’ And Booz was like , ‘This little man is cool as hell.’”
Boozer went on to mention that he had to sign a disclosure agreement so he couldn’t get into any more details, but left it at this…
“He put it back the way it was before he moved out,” Boozer said. “He did some very specific things that were built for him and his lifestyle, which is very different from mine. Needless to say, I sold the house, made a great profit and moved to Miami.”
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