Pregnant Taiwanese Woman Goes Blind After Playing Pokémon Go

Pregnant Taiwanese Woman Goes Blind After Playing Pokémon GoPregnant Taiwanese Woman Goes Blind After Playing Pokémon Go
They say too much of something is never good, and one pregnant Taiwanese woman can attest to that after her
Realizing she couldn’t see from her right eye, the unidentified 31-year-old woman in New Taipei City rushed to the hospital, Apple Daily reported.
She was attended by Dr. Chen Yu-an, who diagnosed her as having macular degeneration. This condition is caused by the deterioration of the eye’s retina — that part responsible for recording and sending the images we see to the brain. Unfortunately, it remains incurable to date, the AMDF described.
Chen explained that the woman’s condition is worsened by her addiction to Pokémon Go. She was reportedly offered eyeball injections to prevent blood clotting but refused over concerns for her baby. She was put on medication instead.
Chen also mentioned that he’s seen a 20% increase in patients since the game’s release. A local survey found that one in three Taiwanese is playing the augmented reality game, EJ Insights said.
As of August 20, there were 7.9 million players, and they spent an average of 114 minutes playing every day. Optometrists suggest that for every 30 minutes of looking at your device, you should rest your eyes for 10 minutes by looking elsewhere and focusing on objects farther away. 
Taiwanese players just seem to love Pokémon Go that much. Crowds go out of control whenever there’s a rare critter, just like this one. They might just go everywhere, as these virtual monsters can lurk even in the craziest places.
But of course, we understand — Pokémon Go mayhem is not entirely new, after all.
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