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‘Pregnant Men’ Board a Train in China For an Important Message

A group of ‘pregnant’ men who had an important message to impart the public boarded a Chinese subway train in the Sichuan capital of Chengdu on Saturday, to the surprise of a bunch of commuters. 

The initiative was reportedly aimed to remind commuters to give actual pregnant women some space on the public transport, a courteous gesture somehow lost these days.

Taking a cramped Chinese subway train during rush hour is understandably not very convenient, especially for pregnant women. While allowing them the space is always seen as a chivalrous gesture, many simply opt not too. The “pregnant men” would like to convince people to consider being more open to being a bit nicer next time they encounter a pregnant woman on a train.

The four men who boarded the subway in Chengdu yesterday wore artificial bellies and white shirts with a printed message urging people to give the pregnant passengers some space.

The group was reportedly composed of all fathers-to-be who wanted the world to be more sympathetic and polite not only to their wives but also to all pregnant women in general, reported (via Shanghaist).

Onlookers gave the group a curious gaze, others smiling, while some took snaps and later posted on Chinese social media. While there were some frowning faces among those standing, the stunt was generally well-received.

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