Pregnant Filipino Woman Takes Her Medical Board Exams While Going Through Labor, Still Passes

medical board exam

A pregnant Filipino woman recently shared how she successfully took her medical board exams while enduring intense labor pain.

Writing through the viewpoint of her newborn son, Eunice Sibuyan revealed in a Facebook post how she managed to go through the whole ordeal and then pass the test in the end.

According to the post, she learned that she was pregnant in the midst of her hospital internship. Despite being advised to be put on bed rest, she pushed through and completed the internship.

Sibuyan noted that she was already 1 to 2 centimeters dilated and 60% effaced, a week leading to the exam.

In her bid to realize her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor, she continued attending review sessions. At home, she would read her materials while lying down.

The day before her Physician’s Licensure Examination (PLE) at the Mary Chiles Colleges in Manila last March 11, Eunice had spotting and cramps, indicating that her baby is already on the way.

She also did not let anyone know that her water bag broke, knowing that she would be rushed to the hospital if she did.

At the test venue, she continued to endure the pain while taking her medical board exams. Exam proctors expressed concerns as her contractions increased in intensity.

In the end, her dedication pulled her through and she was able to complete all three papers.

Sibuyan’s partner, who was waiting outside, rushed to get her as soon as she submitted her test papers.

Sibuyan ended up delivering a baby son at the hospital where she took the exam. The baby apparently could not wait to come out as he was delivered just 13 minutes after the new mom was brought into the delivery room.

Three days later, Sibuyan learned that she passed her exams, realizing her dream of becoming a licensed doctor.

“Hats off to my doctor mum! I’m not a hindrance to my mummy’s success (but) rather a blessing from up above. Mummy said I’m a risk worth taking,” the Facebook post read.

In an interview with ABS-CBN, Sibuyan said she never thought that sharing her experience on Facebook would go viral.

“I am speechless, grateful…and very thankful for the well-wishers for their warmest greetings; to our parents who supported us all from the start, and to my partner who never left my side,” she was quoted as saying.

Featured image via Facebook / Eunice Sibuyan

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