Pregnant Chinese Woman Slammed Online After Tripping a Child in a Restaurant

Pregnant Chinese Woman Slammed Online After Tripping a Child in a RestaurantPregnant Chinese Woman Slammed Online After Tripping a Child in a Restaurant
A pregnant woman who deliberately tripped a four-year-old boy running out of a restaurant is being condemned on Chinese social media.
The incident took place inside a restaurant in Baoji, Shanxi Province, on April 19.
As seen in the surveillance footage, the boy rushed into the restaurant and unintentionally hit the woman, who was eating with her husband, with one of the door flaps.
The woman, seven months pregnant, then stuck out her foot and tripped the boy in a twisted act of revenge as the latter ran out of the establishment moments later.
The pregnant woman is unintentionally slapped with a door flap.
The boy, who was getting some chopsticks for his parents, fell to the ground. The boy’s mother rushed to his aid and asked diners about what happened.
However, the pregnant woman claimed that she was feeling sick and left the premises before the authorities arrived.
As the footage went viral, the woman became a hot topic on Chinese social media, with many proclaiming that she cannot be a mother at all.
Others said that the boy’s mother should be keeping an eye on her child.
The pregnant woman trips the boy for revenge.
According to Xinhua, the woman surrendered to police the next day, apologized to the boy’s parents and vowed to take care of his bills.
The boy, who is suffering from congenital heart disease, had a mild concussion but no other serious injuries from the incident.
The woman was fined 1,000 yuan for her actions. If she was not pregnant, she would have been detained for 10 days.
The boy’s mother picks him up.
Netizens commented (via Miaopai):
“What a terrible pregnant woman.”
“He’s just a child. It was not intentional.”
“It’s really annoying when children run around in public places. People are busy eating and no one cares about kids. As for the pregnant woman, she shouldn’t have tripped that child. Both sides are not right.”
Check out the scene below:
Images via YouTube / Xv
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