Praying Mantis Thanks Driver in the Most Adorable Way For Giving Him a Ride in Japan

Praying Mantis Thanks Driver in the Most Adorable Way For Giving Him a Ride in Japan

August 2, 2017
A mantis in Japan ends up becoming a passenger inside a driver’s vehicle, but instead of paying a fare, the insect opted to pay its dues by dancing.
People often see praying mantises as vicious killing machines instead of graceful dancers.
However, a driver captured a video depicting another side of the notorious insect predator, one that is strangely elegant. Twitter user @gelmanes shared footage of his surprisingly non-menacing encounter with a praying mantis hitchhiker.
This appreciative praying mantis doesn’t hold anything back as it moves its legs from side to side. The mantis’ moves were so consistent that it’s almost as if it’s performing some sort of traditional dance.
The insect even turns its head towards the camera a few times, making things appear more theatrical and dramatic.
Fortunately for the Japanese driver, there’s a smartphone that, not only records the odd encounter, but also ensures that the mantis doesn’t get too cozy with the driver.
The mantis also feels safe enough to show its appreciation for getting a free ride without worrying about getting squashed. Once both sides feel comfortable enough, the mantis begins busting a move.


— 笹森 樹 (@gelmanes) July 25, 2017

According to SoraNews24, the Japanese driver’s tweet has now gone viral even garnering over 90,000 likes. As unusual as the whole ordeal sounds, it seems this isn’t the first time a mantis has been caught hitchhiking.
Twitter users have shared their personal accounts of a hitchhiking mantis as a response to the viral post.
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Another Twitter user even suggested that the praying mantis might have met a more morbid fate.
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It’s unclear what happened next to the hitchhiking mantis. If there’s one thing that’s certain about the popular mantis it’s that it surely entertained thousands of social media users.
Feature Image via Twitter / gelmanes
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