Prankster Confronts Fox News’ Jesse Watters With Racist Segment Ideas

Jesse Watters, Fox News’ resident clown who does interviews on the street, has finally been put at the receiving end of some in-your-face shaming for the ridiculous stereotypes of minority groups he often uses in his bits.  

The hero, Jason Selvig, star of the new Netflix mockumentary “Undecided”, ran into Watters in Times Square and gave him a quick dose of his own medicine by annoying him on cam. 

While filming a segment for Bill O’Reilly’s program at the time Selvig found him, Watters was visibly surprised when Selvig approached him.

Selvig, opening with sarcasm and pretending to give him segment ideas, caught Watters looking amused but a bit confused at the beginning, even feigning to laugh at the his comments, Vox reported. Watters might have picked up that Selvig was on to him when Selvig said, “It’s racist, like you like.”

Watters’ segment, which deliberately mocks minority groups, recently had him ridiculing Asian Americans in New York City’s Chinatown, eventually earning him massive criticism from the Asian community.

Selvig looked like he was having a field day as he followed Watters around suggesting ridiculous segment ideas like, having a group of “black people eating fried chicken” or “Mexicans eating tacos.” As stupid as those suggestions may seem, they are actual topics that would definitely fit his segment called Watters’ World.  

Obviously annoyed, Watters can be seen moving about, doing his best to avoid Selvig, who was very persistent.  Earlier this year, Selvig and his comedy partner, Davram Stiefler, were able to prank Fox News into thinking the Trump campaign was distributing Nazi-like armbands.

The duo’s pranks, made throughout the election cycle, were collected in a movie they now called “Undecided:The Movie”. The film is currently on Netflix this month.

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