Indian Teacher Caught on Video Brutally Beating His Students

An Indian teacher was caught on film hitting different students in his class at a school in Haryana, India.
Four students were seen being “disciplined” by the Indian teacher in the video secretly captured by one of the teacher’s students, according to DailyMail.
The footage showed teacher Pradeep Arora slapping students in the face or smacking their palms with a long object as punishment for disobeying him or not doing well in class.
While corporal punishment in schools has been banned in India since 2010, many teachers and even parents continue to find the type of discipline as acceptable.
According to the Indian Penal Code section 83, “any child who has not done homework or has not dressed in an appropriate fashion should not incite any form of corporal punishment in schools in India.”
Most states in the country claim to follow this but law enforcement remains lax and brutality reportedly still goes on in most schools throughout India.
To date, no formal complaints by students or parents have been made against Pradeep.
“Many parents come to me saying give them any punishment, you have an army background, we just want the results,” Pradeep told Reuters. “We want to send our children out, they need to be trained. So in those cases, I try to be stricter to teach them discipline.”
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