Chinese inventor builds 27,000,000mAH power bank capable of charging 5,000 smartphones

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  • Handy Geng, an inventor and YouTuber, created the world’s largest power bank with a capacity equaling approximately 900 power banks.
  • The mega power bank contains a 27,000,000-mAh battery and includes up to 60 charging ports.
  • A video showing how he made the power bank has garnered over 387,000 views since being uploaded on Jan. 29.

Chinese inventor and YouTuber Handy Geng created the world’s largest power bank with the capacity to charge 5,000 phones. 

Geng uploaded a video documenting how he made a 27,000,000-mAh portable charger to his official YouTube channel on Jan. 29. 

“I think my power bank’s capacity is a little bit small, so I bought a larger one recently,” Geng stated in his video, according to the auto-translation. “But when I mentioned its capacity to my friends, I didn’t expect that [they would have] an even larger one… As an ambitious person, I couldn’t fall asleep for several nights, so I decided to make a super large mega power bank.”

The mega power bank’s capacity approximately equals 900 power banks and is capable of fully charging 5,000 phones with 3,000-mAh batteries, according to its creator. The Times of India reported that an average power bank only contains a 10,000-mAh to 20,000-mAh battery and includes up to four charging ports. 

Geng’s welded metal frame of a power bank measures 5.9 feet by 3.9 feet by .98 feet and includes 60 sockets that are able to charge phones simultaneously.

“It can not only charge many phones at the same time,” Geng says while demonstrating in the video, “It can also charge power banks and laptop[s].” 

Geng proves the power of his invention even further by dragging it outside to charge his friend’s electric bicycle. 

“​​My brother and friend [were] very surprised and envious when seeing my power bank and can’t stop praising my technique,” Geng says. “They also said that they’d like to own such a power bank as well if possible.”

After bringing his invention by a river, Geng shows he is able to run a washing machine and a TV while fishing and cooking fish with an electric pot.  

“With this power bank, you don’t need to worry about lacking electricity at all when being outdoors,” Geng added. “You can even watch TV while fishing and wash clothes while watching TV. You can even cook the fish right away with an electric pot and enjoy the fresh food in nature.”

The video has garnered over 387,000 views, as of this writing.

Featured Images via 手工耿Handy Geng

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