Potato shortage leads to Japanese Burger Kings substituting french fries with dried ramen snacks

Japanese Burger Kings are offering customers the option to substitute their french fries with dried ramen snacks amid a global potato shortage. 

Japan is among the many countries to experience potato shortages, as a result of supply chain interruptions and declines in demand amid the pandemic and weather issues in recent months.

The unique Burger King side dish, available as part of the Daitai Potato or “Sorta Potato” Set, is a pre-packed Baby Star Dodekai Ramen bag of crispy noodles. 

Other fast food restaurants in Japan have been forced to seek alternative solutions to mitigate the impact of the global potato shortage as well. Starting in December last year, McDonald’s franchises have reduced their french fry options to only small sizes, while some branches have taken hash browns off their menus entirely. KFC also stopped offering french fries in a fifth of its stores as of October last year.

Customers can substitute their french fries at no additional cost when purchasing a King Value combo beginning May 16 for a limited time in participating stores in Japan. 


Feature Image via Burger King via IT Media

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