This Looks Like a Touching Christmas Ad Until You See What He Gives His Sad Grandpa

Christmas and porn aren’t usually tied together in most people’s minds, but one porn company has skillfully merged the two together in a surprisingly SFW fashion.

Attention-loving adult entertainment platform Pornhub has just released a short Christmas ad that is both strange and humorous to promote its launch of its “Premium Gifting Service” gift cards.

The nearly 1-minute clip shows a family together exchanging gifts — except for the grandpa who sits alone and sad.

Noticing his grandfather isn’t in the holiday spirit, his grandson hands him an envelope. Upon opening the envelope, which — surprise! — contains a Pornhub subscription gift card, the old man sees his spirits lifted and even cries.

“With the holidays upon us, we wanted to provide our community with the opportunity to give the most touching gift of all to their loved ones,” Corey Price, Pornhub’s vice president, said of the ad in a press release.

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