Poop teaches kids finance in extremely popular textbook on backorder in Japan

Poop teaches kids finance in extremely popular textbook on backorder in JapanPoop teaches kids finance in extremely popular textbook on backorder in Japan
Rebecca Moon
June 24, 2022
A poop-themed children’s financial literacy textbook is on a severe backorder in Japan due to an overwhelming amount of orders.
The Financial Services Agency (FSA) in Japan offered to distribute free “Poop Money Drill” textbooks beginning in April to those who apply, causing a massive backorder due to its popularity, reported SoraNews24.
An average of 10 books were being distributed by the FSA in April; however, the number skyrocketed by 1,000 times on June 16. The FSA decided to distribute the books for free as a way of maintaining financial literacy among the public to aid in stabilizing the economy. 
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“Poop Money Drill,” the latest installment of the “Poop Drill” series, tracks back to the original textbook “Poop Kanji Drill,” which became popular in 2017. The book is divided into two topics, with one covering the importance of circulating money in society and the other discussing personal financial responsibility. 
Many of the drawings feature poop-shaped themes. One page shows a professor teaching a dog and cat about how to save money, all of them sporting poop-shaped heads.
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One man who wanted to educate his children about money praised the book for giving them a head start on financial literacy. 
“I need money when I go out to society but it’s very difficult to educate [that idea to] my children. The drills were made for children and my daughters seemed to enjoy it. Parents and children talk about money [and] I think it was a good opportunity to do it,” the man told NHK.
Many others also praised the textbook for keeping their children informed in an entertaining way.
“I think it’s wonderful that children start with what they like [and] the demand to the extent that it was suspended indicates the very need for understanding and for children to enjoy learning,” one user wrote.
“I definitely want to show it to my child!” another user commented. 
Due to the excessive demand, the FSA is suspending orders for approximately a month and a half until the system is cleared out. They also promised to continue offering the book in the future and to get the books out as soon as possible.
The “Poop Drill” series has sold over 9.5 million copies since it was first released in 2017. In addition to financial literacy, the books also teach children about traffic safety, disaster prevention and the government. 
An online version of “Poop Money Drill” is currently available on the Unko Gakuen website for free.
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