Popular Korean Skincare Brand Opens First Store in the U.S. and Sephora Better Recognize

Popular Korean Skincare Brand Opens First Store in the U.S. and Sephora Better Recognize

September 21, 2017
Korea’s popular skincare brand Innisfree just opened its first U.S. branch on September 15, and it’s bringing along its massive 900 item selection to Union Square in New York City.
Innisfree is known for its extensive range of beauty products at extremely affordable prices.
The Korean skincare company also boasts that their items are made from 80% natural ingredients which come from Korea’s Jeju island, according to HuffPost. Innisfree general manager Julien Bouzitat explained that they don’t just have “Instagram-worthy” skincare products for sale, they also offer an “immersive retail experience.”
Besides shopping for beauty products, customers can also enjoy other facilities in the store’s enormous 1,700 square-feet space. A 21-foot-tall living green wall, a private area for make-up artist classes, an area for green living classes and K-beauty skin care training as well, are all on offer to make shopping even more immersive.
In addition, there’s also some fun activities for customers to try out such as the “make your own cushion compact” wall and a “mix-a-mask” station, according to Racked. While the store already offers an impressive 900 item catalog, 150 of these are exclusive to the U.S., items that the general manager believes would resonate the most to the American market.
Product prices range from inexpensive $2 sheet masks to affordable anti-aging serums for under $100. There’s also a myriad of beauty products available, from its varied makeup selection to a sheet mask section where customers can avail deluxe sample pouches depending on their store expenditure.
This might be the first store for the famous Korean skincare brand on U.S. soil, but it certainly won’t be its last. Store vice president Bouzitat revealed that they’re planning to expand to Long Island, New Jersey, then eventually to California, including Los Angeles and San Francisco.
Images via Instagram / Innisfree USA
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