San Jose Popeyes Customer Called ‘CHINK’ on Receipt Says Corporate Ignored His Complaint

A Popeyes outlet in San Jose, California apparently referred to a customer as “CHINK,” but the fast-food chain’s corporate office allegedly snubbed the incident.

The customer, who took to Reddit to share his receipt, dined in at the branch located in 705 West Capitol Expressway, just after 2:20 p.m. on Feb. 15.

An old photo of Popeyes in 705 West Capitol Expressway, San Jose, California. Image via Wikimapia

The receipt clearly shows the customer being referred to as “CHINK.”

It also identifies an “Erika” as his “host” for the day.

Image via @BettyKPIX 

The customer has since deleted his original post, but he claims corporate has “ignored” his complaint in an update which has also been taken down.

Betty Yu, a reporter for KPIX, also shared the matter on Twitter: “A @PopeyesChicken customer in San Jose posted this receipt and says corporate has ignored his complaint.”

It’s unclear whether Popeyes plans to address the customer’s supposed complaint.

“I just cannot imagine someone writing a slur on a customer’s receipt name field, then handing it to them. That just seems so stupid,” a Reddit user commented. “That said, f*** racists.”

Another claimed that the Popeyes branch in question is the “worst” they have been to.

“It’s the worst Popeyes I have been to. Filled with high school kids behind the counter that work slow as f***. I remember waiting 25 minutes for a Chicken Po’ Boy.”

Twitter users shared the same sentiment, with one noting that Popeyes’ customer service is “nonexistent.”

Others suggested boycotting the company and called for Erika’s sacking.

People have also raised the matter on the branch’s Yelp page.

Feature Images via Wikimapia (left) and @BettyKPIX (right)

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