He Was Homeless and Starving on the Streets, Now He Eats Like a King Every Day

This rescue dog is a bigger foodie than you.

In his former life, Popeye the dog was a stray eating whatever scraps he could find on the street. Since his owner Ivy Diep took him in, he has been dining like royalty.

Diep told Bored Panda“I found him as a stray. He was such a mess — super skinny, heavily matted, dirty.” 

No one else wanted him, so Diep gave him a home when she was looking for a new dog.

“It wasn’t long before he made himself at home at my place with my other dogs. And of course, my husband and I fell in love [with him].” 

Diep decided to create an Instagram account for her new pet after one of her friends encouraged her to.

“Jen and I liked to go on what we call ‘Instagram dates’ and take pics of our food. I’d bring Popeye any time I can, and we realize he was really good around food. He doesn’t lunge for food or really even care for it. He just liked to be out. He’ll get nibbles of anything that’s safe for him. I also carry a bag of treats for him, in case there’s nothing he can have.” 

These adorable photos will make your day.

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