Poor Little Girl Studying in the Streets is the Saddest Thing You’ll See Today

A picture of a little girl working on her homework in the streets has tugged on netizens’ heartstrings.

The photograph of the barefoot young girl, reportedly captured in the Philippines, shows the child perched atop a canister in the street, pen in hand, and focused on her assignment. The image conveys more than words possibly can about the poverty that afflicts children and the hope of a better life.

According to the Mirror, the snapshot was shared on Facebook by user James Co and has received over 12,000 likes. It was subsequently shared by local media outlets and widely circulated on the internet.

Local news outlets report that the little girl, who appears to be homeless, is Cielo Gonzales. A local news station interviewed the girl and her sister Jenalyn.

The photograph of Gonzales is reminiscent of the young boy photographed doing homework using the light of a nearby McDonald’s restaurant in the Philippines. The moment caught on camera in July by medical student Joyce Torrefranca touched the hearts of many who shared the image.

The boy, Daniel Cabrera, was a grade 3 elementary school student in Mandaue City. Cabrera, who has said he hopes to become a police officer, was subsequently offered a scholarship grant and financial support.

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