Poor Wife Can’t Handle Her Rich Husband’s Lifestyle, Burns All Her Designer Bags

One stressed wife, reportedly upset with the high standards set by her wealthy husband’s family, resorted to burning all her designer handbags in a dramatic scene after being inspired by an online film.

The woman, whose name is unknown, is a student studying in Guangzhou and comes from a poor family. She married into her husband’s wealthy family after just one year of dating and lived a life of luxury, allegedly enjoying five-star hotels, a mansion to live in, expensive cars and designer handbags.

However, she allegedly couldn’t put up with the stress of being a perfect daughter-in-law and after watching a drama film online about a woman in her similar situation, she decided to play her life out like the movie.

In a very dramatic scene on Monday, the woman piled all her designer handbags, which reportedly included Louis Vuitton, Prada and Hermès bags, in front of her house and lit them on fire as she argued with her husband.

Netizens had since criticized and joked about the scene being cliché beyond belief, though we’ve definitely seen Chinese couples fight over more ridiculous things before.

Source: Shanghaiist
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