Poor Chinese Farmer Finds True Love With American English Teacher

Poor Chinese Farmer Finds True Love With American English Teacher
King Malleta
December 14, 2016
Long ago (and maybe even still now), interracial relationships would be frowned upon in China.
The love story of an American woman and a Chinese man touches on the subject after going viral on China’s social media, Shanghaiist reported.
Chinese media outlet Tianzhong Evening News visited and interviewed Tiffany and Cai Xiaohua at their home in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province. The couple was asked how they were able to face the difficulties of an interracial marriage.
Nine years ago, Tiffany was working as an English teacher at an international school in Guangzhou shortly after graduating from a university in New Jersey. Cai Xiaohua was a friendly security guard at the school where Tiffany worked.
“After graduating from college in America, I came to China alone. When I saw someone smile at me, I thought he must be really friendly,” Tiffany said.
Cai’s humble demeanor is probably the result of all the struggles he had in life. He grew up poor in a rural Henan province. When he was 10-years-old, Cai’s mother abandoned the family, leaving behind all the work on the family farm. In order to help his dad on the farm, Cai decided to drop out of school after he graduated from middle school. He worked various jobs and ended up in Guangzhou where he met Tiffany.
Although Cai didn’t know how to speak English, Tiffany was able to speak some Chinese so the two were able to communicate. As they got to know each other, they fell in love and decided to marry in 2008 in Cai’s home town in central Henan.
According to South China Morning Post, they then resigned from their jobs in Guangzhou and moved to Zhengzhou to be able to live closer to Cai’s family. Tiffany found a job as an English teacher at Zhengzhou University of Light while Cai worked on the family farm.
The couple also flew to the United States to see Tiffany’s family, who has always expressed their support in her decision to follow her heart.
Tiffany and Cai, who shares an adorable six-year-old daughter, confessed that because of the language barrier, there are still times when they still struggle to understand each other but added that it’s part of the process of learning from each other everyday.
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