Poor Chinese Boy Gets His Head Stuck in Swimming Pool Railing

Poor Chinese Boy Gets His Head Stuck in Swimming Pool Railing
Ryan General
By Ryan General
July 18, 2017
Rescuers were forced to bring in some heavy duty power tools to help free a Chinese kid who somehow got his head stuck between metal railings at a swimming pool in Chongqing.
The boy’s daring rescue was caught on video which quickly went viral after it was posted on Chinese social media, Shanghaiist reports.
In the short clip, a girl can be seen supporting the toddler as they wait for the arrival of the firefighters who were summoned to save him.
The footage then showed the unnamed chubby youngster calmly waiting to be freed from the metal bars as the firefighters worked and concerned relatives looked on.
A collective chuckling was heard from the crowd when the boy was finally freed. 
While it was not revealed exactly how his head ended up between the bars, the boy, who was shown scratching his head at the end of the video, reportedly said that it was “just his luck” that he did so.
Compared to other kids who have faced similar situations in China, he should consider himself lucky.
According to CGTN, accidental injuries have claimed the lives of over 200,000 children in China, which accounts for one-third of the number of childhood deaths in the country.
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