Poodle Being Kicked and Forced to Walk on Hind Legs Goes Viral in Malaysia, Sparks Outrage

Poodle Being Kicked and Forced to Walk on Hind Legs Goes Viral in Malaysia, Sparks Outrage
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
June 12, 2018
A video clip from Malaysia showing a couple of pet owners abuse training their poodle to walk on hind legs on the street and into an H&M store is now going viral online.
The clip – posted online by Facebook user Deepan Kumar – was taken on June 9 at around 8 p.m. on Sunway Pyramid in Subang Jaya.
I thought I had seen a wide range of the worst humanity has to offer until right about 10 minutes ago,” the user wrote in his caption.
I AM UNCONTROLLABLY LIVID. It’s one thing to train a dog, it’s a whole other f***ing thing to train it for public entertainment through literal torture.”
It started off with the couple, a man and a woman, walking up the street with their pet dog. Then, moments later, the man started kicking the dog as it tries really hard to keep its balance while walking on hind legs.
The woman can also be seen carrying a cane of some sort. It is believed that this stick is being used to discipline and train the dog.
The dog had been walking up and down the walkway for so long, it kept falling back to its 4 feet out of painful fatigue but EVERYTIME the dog kept falling back, this repulsive excuse of a woman kept shouting and caning the dog to continue standing on two feet to amuse people,” the Facebook user continued in the caption.
The three of them eventually reached the entrance of H&M store and entered the building, where they were greeted by others to pet the dog, whose hair has been dyed red to help attract attention.
A lot of people then followed the walking dog and its female owner inside the clothing retail branch.
Many netizens were quick to point out why people did not stop the woman, who was clearly can be seen holding a stick as she accompanies the walking dog inside the store.
The identities of the dog owners remain unknown.
Images via Facebook / Deepan Kumar
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