Polish Women Married to Malaysian Men Love Learning About the Different Wedding Customs

Polish Women Married to Malaysian Men Love Learning About the Different Wedding Customs
Kyle Encina
By Kyle Encina
September 12, 2017
Polish brides Wiola Krolik and Wiola Parzych showcase the significance of having a multi-cultural wedding by combining their country’s traditions with Chinese wedding customs.
Both brides also happen to share the same first name, the same hometown of Parma in central Poland as well as being married to Malaysian men. However, what opened the eyes of the two Polish women is the stark difference between marriage customs in Poland and Malaysia.
To close the cultural gap, Krolik and Wiola Parzych decided to have a wedding showcase at the Embassy of Poland in Kuala Lumpur. According to The Star, the brides revealed some interesting tidbits on what makes a Polish wedding distinctly unique, such as the symbolic presentation of salt and bread.
The two women explained that bread symbolized hope so that the soon-to-be husband and wife will never starve. As for salt, it symbolizes the difficulties of life as well as the importance of learning how to cook. Krolik also shared that Polish women wear traditional clothes weighing as heavy as 30 kilograms (66 pounds).
In addition, Polish wedding customs also involves a toast with two shot glasses, one containing water and the other containing vodka. Krolik explained that the person who ends up drinking the glass filled with vodka will become the head of the family.
Both brides also took part in a Chinese tea ceremony and wore traditional Chinese clothing called Cheongsam.
Meanwhile, the recent wedding of Malaysian princess Tunku Tun Aminah Sultan Ibrahim and Dutch businessman Dennis Verbaas also featured the merging of cultural traditions.
According to BBC, the 28-year-old former Dutch model converted to Islam and changed his name to Dennis Muhammad Abdullah to respect the cultural traditions of his wedding with the 31-year-old Malaysian princess.
Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube / The Star Online
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