Polish TV Show Accused of Racism for Being Bitter Jungkook Won ‘100 Most Handsome Faces’ 2019


A Polish TV show is under fire for disrespecting BTS member Jungkook during a segment by criticizing his looks and mistaking him for a completely different artist, J-Hope.

BTS fans, also known as the ARMY, are trying to make #dziendobrytvnisoverparty go viral on Twitter after the TV show Dzień Dobry TVN ridiculed one of their idols Jungkook in a segment about TC Candler’s “100 Most Handsome Faces” list for 2019 on Tuesday, according to Radiozet.

The show’s hosts criticized Jungkook’s looks by saying “he is not very masculine” and that he looks “more like a little boy than a man,” according to a translated video circulating on social media.

The show’s hosts then speculated that the 22-year-old artist may have won the recognition due to the number of votes coming from Asia. They also made a comment about the color of his hair.

As part of the segment, Polish reporter Adam Feder went out to ask strangers about what they think of Jungkook. However, instead of using his picture, the production went with a picture of South Korean rapper J-Hope.

One person that the reporter asked commented on J-Hope’s earring and compared him to a cow.

Fans of the artist angrily flooded the show’s Twitter page with GIFs and pictures of Jungkook.

Other social media users also encouraged fans to send an email to the show to demand an apology for insulting Jungkook.

Feature Image via @bts.jungkook

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