Police Search for Teen Who Beat Mom on Viral TikTok Over His Allowance

Police Search for Teen Who Beat Mom on Viral TikTok Over His Allowance

October 7, 2020
Singaporean police are now investigating a video of what appears to be a teen student hitting a woman believed to be his mother.
The video, which went viral on TikTok, started off with the teen having an argument with his mother about his allowance, according to Must Share News.
The exchange turned physical when the woman refused to give him more money as she “did not have more.”
The unnamed teen, who reportedly attends Geylang Methodist Secondary School, started cursing at her in Hokkien and hit her head with his hand. The security video then cut to the two assembling storage containers.
It turned violent again when the teen groaned, slapping his mother several times as she sat on the floor. She reportedly screamed at her son angrily and provoked him to slap her again.
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Singaporean police received a complaint regarding the disturbing video and began their investigation. Although they did not give any more details, Geylang Methodist Secondary School confirmed they are looking into the incident, Coconuts Singapore reported.
“As the matter is currently under police investigations, we are unable to comment further,” the school’s statement reads.
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Following the incident, the teen apologized on Instagram and explained his side of what happened before the video.
In his Instagram Story, the teen described the situation in their house as “bad.” He said he doesn’t talk to his parents and described them as “strangers.”
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He went on to say how his mother complained to his stepbrother that he demanded 100 Singaporean dollars ($74) from her when he argued that it was his allowance.
The original video is no longer available on TikTok and the account that first posted it has reportedly been deactivated.
As of this writing, his Instagram bio reads, “Sorry I got anger issues.” He also updated his Stories to say that he was meeting with his school principal.
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