Police seek 3 teens and 11-year-old boy in brutal attack on 70-year-old Asian woman in San Francisco

Police seek 3 teens and 11-year-old boy in brutal attack on 70-year-old Asian woman in San Francisco

August 8, 2022
Police are searching for four juveniles, including an 11-year-old boy and three teen suspects, involved in the brutal attack on a 70-year-old Asian woman in San Francisco last month. 
In an attack captured on surveillance camera, Mrs. Ren, 70, was brutally beaten and robbed twice by four juveniles at her apartment complex in San Francisco on July 31.
“They got really mad and pulled me down,” Mrs. Ren previously told ABC7 News. “They used their fist to hit my head multiple times and then they pulled me down and kept kicking me.”
The assault took place on one of the first days she had left her home after spending the past two years in her apartment to avoid COVID-19. Following the attack, Mrs. Ren was once again constrained to her home due to the pain she suffered during the incident.
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Police have identified the four juveniles. They are currently searching for an 11-year-old boy, a 13-year-old girl, a 14-year-old girl who was captured kicking the Asian senior in the head and an 18-year-old male, law enforcement sources told Fox News on Saturday. All four suspects are reportedly Black.
The juveniles’ identities will reportedly remain sealed. ​The 18-year-old may be the only suspect who could face serious charges in the case.
There were reportedly two other suspects in the assault that were allegedly involved in a string of robberies. They were arrested in Oakland, California.
“They just think they can do this and get away with this. And they can. They’ve been doing it. Where are the parents that should be not allowing this behavior? And if they aren’t, who is going to do something about it?” a law enforcement source told Fox News.
No arrests have been made. Anyone with information regarding Mrs. Ren’s case is urged to contact the San Francisco Police Department tip line at 415-575-4444.
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