Police Caught on Camera Attacking Woman and Her Baby Over Parking Fine in China

Police Caught on Camera Attacking Woman and Her Baby Over Parking Fine in China
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
September 4, 2017
A police officer who knocked down a woman and her baby after a dispute over parking fine was captured on camera in China.
The incident, which took place in Shanghai’s Songjiang District on September 1, sparked a debate on Chinese social media about the appropriate use of police force against civilians.
In the footage uploaded by an onlooker, the woman — who was carrying a child — is seen advancing on the officer during an argument over illegal parking.
Moments later, as a colleague comes out of a police vehicle, the officer slams the woman, and consequently the child, to the ground.
Two passersby can then be seen rushing to the child’s aid.
Both officers pinned the woman to the ground.
Millions in China have watched the video by Saturday. Netizens, however, were divided in their thoughts over the incident, according to the NY Times via The Straits Times.
Most condemned the officers for their brutal use of force and apparent inconsideration of the child in the situation.
Meanwhile, others argued that the woman should not have put the child between herself and the officers.
Thankfully, the woman and the child were sent to a local hospital for medical inspection after the incident, while the police officer who pushed her down was suspended from duties, according to RFA China.
Watch the scene below:
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