Man Carves All 151 Original Pokémon Into Pumpkins

Man Carves All 151 Original Pokémon Into Pumpkins
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
November 6, 2018
A man in Toronto, Canada has won the internet after carving all 151 original Pokémon in just six days for Halloween.
Adrian Kieda, an animator and content developer, took to Reddit and Facebook to share his jack-o’-lanterns hours before lighting them up last Wednesday night.
Spent the last six days carving all 151 Original Pokémon!” Kieda posted on Reddit. “Lighting them up on Tarragona Blvd tonight.”
Indeed, Kieda lit up every single pumpkin later that night, instantly creating a one-of-a-kind Halloween exhibit for Pokémon fans.
Kieda said that the whole thing started out as a joke, but he had done all 151 before realizing how epic it turned out. He scored all of the pumpkins from a farm for only $175.
Still so much money for the most temporary thing but always wanted to do it!”

All 151 originals carved!

Apparently, the “nonsense project” took some serious elbow grease. When asked which one had been the hardest to carve, Kieda said that Tangela, Alakazam, Poliwhirl and “a lot” of the fire Pokémon were “some brutal ones.”
“My arms are TOAST! My right thumb especially may or not be broken,” he wrote after carving all 151 Pokémon. “Like, I struggled to zip a jacket up today.”
Kieda’s painstaking craftsmanship has since blown up the internet, with at least 24,000 users upvoting his post on Reddit’s r/pokemon sub alone. Needless to say, this dedicated Pokémon master truly caught ’em all this Halloween.
People praised Kieda’s work:
“To be the Pumpkémon master was your destiny.”
“This makes me so happy! Amazing work!”
“Wow! That’s a lot of dedication, great work!”
“Considering it took me ages to carve one and I almost cried yesterday when I came home and it was completely destroyed by squirrels, I must say I am impressed!”
“My God lad. You really outdid everyone. Somebody from Nintendo get this man some sort of token. He’s probably gone mental from all that carving and with broken limbs.”
Images via Adrian Kieda
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