Pokémon Fan Makes Own Game with OG Pokémon Based on Malaysia’s Map


One dedicated fan has created a Pokémon video game that allows trainers to catch and collect every imaginable Pokémon in different locations in Malaysia.

Basing the in-game map off of Malaysia, 22-year-old Mokessh Kannah created his very own Pokémon game featuring locations from Kedah to Sabah.

According to Kannah, he created the game for fun using the software RPG Maker XP which he bought from Steam with Pokémon Essentials.

He shared that he learned how to create the game using the software by watching tutorials on YouTube.

Kannah told My Game On that he was able to include Pokémon from the first generation to the fifth as he took sprites and other game elements from Nintendo titles such as “Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire,” “Diamond & Pearl,” and “Black & White.”

Players begin their journey from Seremban and proceed to visit familiar Malaysian spots such as Pahang’s Lake Chini and Rompin, a quiet town in Negeri Sembilan.

He also made the in-game non-playable characters (NPCs) using Malaysian names.

Kannah’s game first gained online attention after he shared screenshots of the game on Reddit, reports Mashable.  

“I had created the game map based on a downloaded image of the Malaysian map. After that, I started working on important locations such as towns, routes using Adobe Photoshop,” Kannah was quoted as saying.

Since the game isn’t officially licensed and Nintendo is known to be quite strict on fan-made video games, the amateur game creator is only able to share the game file directly to interested players.

Featured image via  My Game On

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