Pokémon Go Trainer, 56, Arrested for Brawling With Another Trainer, 55, Over Control of Gym

Pokémon GO

Two middle-aged Pokémon GO trainers in Japan engaged in an “offline battle,” resulting in the arrest of the instigator of the fight. 

Not-so-friendly match: What began as a competition for control over the same Pokémon GO gym, ended in an altercation between 56-year-old Kento Sato and another 55-year-old player, reports SoraNews24.

  • The men, who met through the game, have reportedly known each other for a long time.
  • They apparently developed a rivalry as tensions grew between them in competitions over the years.
  • An argument finally erupted on August 10, escalating into the alleged physical assault by Sato on his Pokémon rival.
  • The victim was a 55-year-old man who was inside his car when Sato allegedly grabbed him by the chest through the window of the vehicle.
  • The suspect also reportedly kicked and damaged the victim’s side-view mirror.
  • Sato is now facing assault charges after being arrested by the Hokkaido Prefectural Police on the day of the incident.

Pokémon fans react: In response to the brawl, social media users condemned the physical violence that arose from the game competition.

  • “Is he a 56-year-old grade schooler?” a user commented.
  • “Gotcha! Idiot was caught!” another noted. 
  • Others expressed confusion on the situation, saying: “What the hell is going on?” 
  • While some, poked fun at them: “Am I going to be like that when I turn 56?”
  • “Looks like a game of 56-year-old GO to jail,” said another.

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