Neighbors Give Apology Cake to Family After Calling Cops on Them For Playing ‘Pokémon Go’

Neighbors Give Apology Cake to Family After Calling Cops on Them For Playing ‘Pokémon Go’
Bryan Ke
By Bryan Ke
April 16, 2020
A mother and daughter in Minnesota received a cake as an apology after their neighbors called the police on them while out playing “Pokémon Go” during COVID-19 lockdown.
Amy Kellems shared her experience on Facebook on April 11 after she received a “Pokémon” cake from her neighbors as an apology for reporting them to the authorities, KTVU reported.
“Kylie and I were pulled over in the driveway the other day for ‘multiple calls’ about a suspicious car pulling over a lot in the neighborhood,” Kellems wrote in her post. “With this social distancing thing, we decided to start playing Pokémon go again and if it’s not nice enough to bike.. we take the car.”
After being pulled over by the police, Kellems explained that they both live in the neighborhood and were “just doing some social distancing with (her) 12 year old to get out of the house, he let me go.”
She then took her experience to social media and shortly after, her neighbors realized that the “suspicious car” was actually Kellems and her daughter.
A few days after the incident, Kellems heard her doorbell ring and opened the door to her neighbor, Victoria, standing “10 feet back” while holding a cake that reads “Sorry we called the cops on you.”
Her neighbors were apologetic and Kellems said she understood why they had to call the police on them.
“I understood it looked a little creepy with my car just cruising along slowly and pulling over for imaginary stops. Once she heard what I was doing, she felt really bad about it,” Kellems told the network.
“I made some friends out of it all,” she said. “I’m sure once quarantine is over, we will have follow-up bonfires together.”
A similar incident happened in Italy last month, however, during that case, the man in question received charges for breaking the quarantine rules.
Feature Image via Amy Kellems
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