Rural Pokémon Go Players Will Soon Be Able to Turn Their House into a Pokéstop or Gym

Pokémon Go has made an interesting change for players who live in rural areas devoid of Pokéstops.

While urbanites are having all the fun, many Pokémon Go players living in rural areas are finding the app unusable due to the lack or  scarcity of PokéStops and gyms.

Niantic Labs is now addressing the problem by allowing users to request for new PokéStops and gyms to appear near their location.

According to Inverse, interested parties may visit the game’s support page and complete the required form. Of course, one may expect that due to the multitude of players worldwide, it may take a while before they can action or even sift through the requests.

While this opens up the possibility of turning one’s home or office into a gym, it is not made clear how the company will consider requests. It is safe to consider, though, that Niantic’s intention to grant users the ability to request new PokéStops and gyms is to make the game playable in rural areas that has few or no landmarks.

There’s still hope for those players who are always staring at barren virtual maps. As the game still in its relative infancy, there are certainly a lot that the developers have in store for Pokémon Go and making it a better experience wherever a player is on the planet is most probably among their top priorities.

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