Pokémon GO is Literally Changing People’s Lives For the Better

Pokémon GO has not only been a hit all over the world, but it’s also having a positive impact on people’s physical and mental health.

Many users have went on Twitter to talk about how much exercise they’ve been getting.

So, for context, I’m a “bit” overweight. Something in the above 500 pounds range. Just got pokemon go the day before yesterday, but the servers were down the whole time. I was finally able to get online yesterday afternoon. I could lie and say I set an outrageous goal for myself and somehow managed to meet it; but really I was just trying to catch some pokemon. I could also lie and say I feel great; but no, All I feel now is pain. Didn’t feel too bad while walking, but after sitting down to write this post, man is it catching up with me fast. I “can’t wait” to find out how I feel tomorrow.

Some say that the app is even better than Fitbit.

What’s even more crazier is that it’s also appearing to have a positive impact on people’s mental health, according to ATTN.


In 2015 study by Gregory Bratman, a graduate student at Stanford University, he found that volunteers who walked in nature-rich areas were more attentive and happier afterward than those who walked for the same amount of time near heavy traffic.

Who knew that a simple game was all it took to get people to live healthier lives?

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