Here’s What Happens When You Reach Level 30 on Pokémon Go

Thanks to one talented redditor, you can now see what happens when you achieve level 30 on Pokémon GO.
Reddit user Verigood, who’s a product manager at a software company in California, shared screenshots of the moment he reached level 30. Considering he got there in less than 2 weeks, it’s a pretty impressive feat. Here are all the goodies you get:
He also is the proud owner of some badass Pokémon.
Verigood also revealed some interesting facts during a Q and A on reddit:
  • You’ll need 500,000 XP points in order to level up from 30 to 31.
  • Pokémon are much hard to catch as you level up.
  • Although Verigold is at Level 30, he’s caught only 121 Pokémon. He has yet to catch them all.
He says he was able to achieve this so quickly by using the mass-evolving method and buying 58 lucky eggs, which helps you gain XP quicker.
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