Taiwan’s Pokémon Go Grandpa Stopped From Hunting After Earthquake Alarm Glitch Hits His 72 Phones

Pokémon Go

Taiwan’s biggest Pokémon Go fan spent nearly half an hour turning off the excessive alarms caused by a glitch in the government’s earthquake alert system.

Chen San-yuan, a 71-year-old Pokémon Go trainer, made global headlines for the growing number of mobile phones he used to catch the popular game’s virtual monsters. 

On Feb. 7, a 6.1 magnitude earthquake was registered 53 miles off the coast of Yilan County at 1:36 a.m., UDN reported.

While the earthquake itself was considered pretty mild in Taiwan’s standard, the alert system automatically sent out 14 warnings to citizens. Considered perhaps normal for others, the notifications can be pretty irritating to someone like Chen who owns 72 phones.

Central Weather Bureau (CWB) Director-General Cheng Ming-dean took to Facebook to explain that the excessive warnings were due to a glitch that triggered the system to treat the multiple shock waves as separate earthquakes.

In an interview with CTS News, Chen said he was Pokémon hunting when suddenly all his phones started vibrating and rang loudly at the same time.

Chen lamented that the glitch, which had him turning the alarms off until around 2 a.m., prevented him from catching Pokémon.

Feature Image via CTS News

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