Boy Runs Away From Home After Mom Deletes Pokémon Go, Sister Snapchats Everything

The craze caused by Pokémon Go has all but destroyed one family in the most hilarious way — and it was all captured on Snapchat. 
Recently, a 10-year-old Scottish boy packed his things and left home because his mom deleted Pokémon Go from his phone. His sister, Stephanie McIntyre, recorded everything on her Snapchat story and shared the video on her Twitter account.
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The hilarious documentation begins with McIntyre filming her younger brother, Kyle, walking on the street with his backpack. The little guy meant business because he took his soccer medals with him too. Of course, he also packed the basics and essentials.
After his family realized Kyle was serious about leaving home in response to his mother’s Pokémon Go ban, his mom and sister set out to search for him. Kyle was later found, but apparently, he needed more time to get himself together.
Kyle stayed at his grandparents’ house that night as he was reluctant to go home with the people who stood between him and his Pokémon Go exploits.
Kyle’s story is only one of a series of fortunate and unfortunate incidents related to “Pokémon Go” that have recently been reported about. So far, a wild stampede has taken place in Central Park and animals have been saved from heat exhaustion. A sheriff’s office in Florida also issued guidelines for players and parents of Pokémon Go players after two teens were shot at while playing the game late at night.
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