Some Genius Just Created Every Pokémon Fan’s Ultimate Dream

A Pokémon fan just took their love of battling to the next level. Thanks to Reddit user kennywdev, seeing a Pokémon battle in real life is now a reality.

Kennywdev was determined to create a 3D game to move holograms using QR code cards for his project.

He decided to make holograms using Pokémon as his subjects and created an Imgur gallery to show his setup.

The required materials included cardboard, a homemade plexiglass prism, a computer monitor and a webcam.

The prism combines four images from the monitor and projects the 3D holographic models onto the battlefield.

The setup is relatively simple. A camera is used to track QR card movements.

The Reddit developer used Unity software on his Macbook.

The monitor above the prism uses the software to combine four images into a 3D hologram that is displayed on the battlefield.

The end result is a holographic image!

h/t: RocketNews24
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